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In order to return a product, you must complete the form below
Your request will be analyzed and soon you will be contacted by an Euroest Car representative

In order to request the return of a product based on the warranty, you need to firstly fill out the form below. Your request will be analyzed and you will be shortly contacted by a representative of Euroest Car.

For the original parts, the assembly and the defect finding must be made by an authorized representative of the car manufacturer.

The parts reported as defective within the warranty term, must be sent in order to be analyzed within maximum 7 days after having found the defect. The incomplete filling out or the missing documents may lead to a refusal to process the claim or to a delayed answer.

The term for the claim analysis shall start when the analyst has all information required in the form.

The customer will receive the equivalent value of the part reported as defective within the warranty term only after the analysis conducted by the part manufacturer in order to determine if it meets the warranty conditions.

No warranty is granted for the following situations:

Normal wear of the Consumable parts entering the maintenance flow of the vehicle.

Normal wear during the operating life of the part.

Damages caused by an improper use of the vehicle, by an inadequate maintenance, by negligence.

Use of the parts for other purposes than the ones recommended by the manufacturer.

Defects caused by an improper assembly.