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Request for return

In order to return a product, you must complete the form below
Your request will be analyzed and soon you will be contacted by an Euroest Car representative



» The analysis term will start when the return form has been completed with all requested details.

»By signing the invoice, the customer has taken note of the fact that the parts are both qualitatively and quantitatively in accordance with the ones specified in the invoice, therefore the verification shall be made at delivery together with the agent of distribution of the delivered parts.

»For the claims related to the parts delivered by courier, which have damage or hitting signs, etc., the analysis of the return request shall be made only based on the forms and the damage report, signed by the courier company and the receiver of the part.

» In order to benefit by the part return, we request that these forms should be sent within maximum 2 days after the date when the parts were received..

» The parts shall be sent to Euroest Car along with the return form only after having received the approval in writing from the return analyst within 2 days.

» The damaged parts, with damaged packages, having signs of assembly, painting, etc., shall be excluded from the return process.