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The use of this site implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions listed below. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY ! If you disagree to these terms and conditions, please DO NOT USE THIS SITE.

The site (hereinafter referred to as “SITE”) belongs to the company S.C. Euroest Car S.R.L. Through this site, the USER has access to information regarding the services and products provided by S.C. EUROEST CAR S.R.L.


S.C. EUROEST CAR S.R.L , legal entity with headquarters in Bucharest, Bd. Chisinau 16, bloc M7, Sc. B, Sector 2, Tax Identification Number RO 19068805 and number of registration with the Trade Register J40/15589/2006, shall be hereinafter referred to as “SC EUROEST CAR SRL”, and/or “Company”.

It represents the person accessing the SITE, who accepted the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the present SITE.


The information published on the SITE is information of general interest about EUROESTCAR.RO, the products traded by it, as well as any other information considered by EUROESTCAR.RO to be of interest for the USERS. The information is made available to the USERS free of any charge. EUROESTCAR.RO is the rightful holder of all rights of intellectual property for the SITE, for the design and content of the SITE respectively. The USER is bound to observe all intellectual property rights of EUROESTCAR.RO, provided by the laws in force.


It represents the use of the SITE in a way opposite to the practice in the field, to the regulations and laws in force or in any other way that might cause prejudice to EUROESTCAR.RO.


Placing an order on shall represent your agreement to the terms and conditions below:

The information provided by S.C. Euroest Car S.R.L. , owner of the site shall only be used for the purpose that it was input for (for placing orders), according to the laws in force.S.C. Euroest Car S.R.L. shall not provide your e-mail address to any third parties, shall not encourage the spam and shall not make public any data provided by its customers unless with the prior and explicit consent of such customers. Any user may erase the provided email address from the database.

In some cases, in order to place a firm order, it’s required to make an advance payment of at least 30% of the product value, according to the specifics of each order.

The products traded through are new, in manufacturer’s original package, and at delivery, they are accompanied by a fiscal invoice and a warranty certificate (back page of the invoice). At the same time, both the price and the technical specifications do not represent a contractual obligation, and they may be changed without any prior notification. The pictures of the products are only for information purposes. There may be discrepancies between such pictures and the related product.


The products traded byS.C. Euroest Car S.R.L. , are interchangeable with the original products according to the catalogues and lists edited by the manufacturers. The warranty shall apply pursuant to Law no. 449/2003 on sale of goods and related warranty and to Government Ordinance no. 21/1992 on consumer’s protection. The warranty term shall be granted by SCEuroest Car SRL for the average operation life of the long-term use parts, according to manufacturer’s technical specifications, but for no longer than 18 months after the date specified in the sale invoice.

The following are considered parts of long-term use: clutches, springs, dampers, planetary gears, car body elements, steering elements, brake elements, winkers, lights, cables, pumps, radiators, mufflers and exhaust pipes, bearings, ignition cables, electromotor parts and alternator, moving motor parts..

The products that have material or manufacturing defects during the warranty term shall be replaced by new ones, under the law.

The warranty term shall start at the date written on the sale invoice.
The validity term for lubricants is 36 months from the packing date, as mentioned on the package..

The seller is exonerated from any liability concerning the warranty or such warranty may be cancelled for the following cases:

  1. The part was not bought from SC Euroest Car SRL;
  2. The part was not assembled in a specialized workshop authorized by RAR (Romanian Automotive Register) or by the manufacturer of the motor vehicle;
  3. The part was wrongly chosen or was used for another purpose than the one indicated in the manufacturer’s catalogue;
  4. The part was not properly identified due to presentation by the buyer of erroneous data or was not compared to the replacement part at assembly;
  5. The part got worn or damaged due to its overuse, improper or insufficient maintenance of the motor vehicle, due to failure to carry out the periodical overhauls according to the recommendations of the motor vehicle’s manufacturer, the specialized workshop that performed the assembly failed to establish the subsequent checks and adjustments according to the assembly technology or according to the technology imposed by the manufacturer;
  6. The vehicle was used for other purposes than the one provided by the constructor or it was operated under improper conditions (races, sports competitions, taxi driving, etc.);
  7. The motor vehicle was involved in an accident or suffered damages caused by external factors, weather factors or any other factors (thermal, electrical, mechanical shocks);
  8. The parts have signs of hitting, scratching, bending tearing, deforming actions.
  9. The parts have normal wear and tear.

The parts representing the object of a warranty claim shall be accompanied by the following documents:

- copy of the purchase invoice from S.C.. Euroest Car S.R.L., receipt or slip by which the part was purchased;
- proof of assembly in a car service authorized by R.A.R (assembly estimate) and related fiscal documents;
damage finding report issued by an authorized car service, which contains the finding and the description of the defect;
- copy of the vehicle registration certificate;
- the part must be packed in the original package.

The claim submitted by the purchaser shall be analysed and an answer shall be received within 6 business days after the date of reception of the reported products at the seller’s office, together with all documents mentioned above.

If the claim is well grounded, the seller undertakes to replace the product within 30 days.

For special cases when the parties do not reach an agreement concerning the warranty claim, the parties shall send the parts in order to be analyzed by a specialist in the field. The results shall be considered binding both for the seller and the purchaser. The expenses incurred for the analysis shall be borne by the guilty party.

The 18 month term shall not be granted for the following part categories: (oil, air, fuel) filters, bulbs, windscreen wipers, bellows, sparking or glow plugs, metallic-plastic fittings, and oil-retainer rings, transmission and distribution belt, ignition elements.


We would like you to be completely satisfied with the products purchased from our online shop. If, for certain reasons, you are not entirely satisfied with the purchased items, you may easily return them, and we will repay you the equivalent value of your order.

Government Ordinance no. 130/2000 provides the following:

"The consumer has the right to notify the trader in writing about his/her intention to give up the purchase, without any penalties and without invoking any reason, within 10 business days after the receipt of the product."

"The consumer has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract from the distance, within 10 business days, without any penalties and without invoking any reason. The only costs that can be the consumer’s liability are the direct expenses for product return"

If you decide to return certain products that may not correspond to your desires, you may do this according to the law, within maximum 10 business days.

In order to return one or more products from an order  you must follow the following steps:

  • You log in with the user name and password and you enter your account.
  • You access the link  Comenzile tale
  • intrati in detaliile comenzii care include produsul sau produsele pe care doriti sa le returnati
  • you tick the product or products that you wish to return
  • you access the button  Return the selected products
  • you confirm the quantity and you select the method for receiving the repayment of the returned products.

When receiving the package, it will be checked in order to determine if it meets the return conditions mentioned in this section, otherwise, the return shall be rejected.

The transfer of the amount into your bank account.. USER  (ATTENTION - IBAN account must be held by the person to whom the invoice was issued!). We may also make the transfer to your card account. (Do not mistake the card number for the IBAN account related to such card).

The return of the amount related to the returned products may also be made in cash, at the delivery of the product at our company office at the address: Str. Caminului,  Nr. 82, Comuna Glina, Sat Manolache.

If you opted for the payment through payment order, it is necessary that you should send us the products through a fast courier company or through the Romanian Post, by observing the following indications: 
- you must pack the products that you wish to send to us (you may use the package sent by us ) and   you must mention on the outside of the pack the ID of the return and the number of the invoice related to the products purchase
- the parcels shall be sent to SC EUROEST CAR SRL  at the address  Str. Caminului,  Nr. 82, Comuna Glina, Sat Manolache.

Due to administrative reasons,   .

The repayment of the amount by  bank transfer shall be made  within  maximum 3 business days  after the date when the package was received and verified to meet the return conditions mentioned in the present section. If the returned parcel does not meet any of the returned conditions mentioned in this section, you will be notified about this by telephone or by e-mail.

You may find out if your parcel came into our possession by verifying in your customer account whether the return status has been changed to “Received”! When the return status has become “Received”, you may come in possession of the money within 3 business days   provided that you have opted for the payment by  BANK TRANSFER!!

If you have chosen the third variant:   , you must present to our operator  the return ID, the invoice  (copy or original document) related to the returned products and the ID of the person on whose name the invoice was issued (copy or original document). After the verification of the integrity of the products, the operator shall give you back the amount for the returned products.

The coordinates of our shop are presented at the end of this article.


Please observe   the return terms that you agreed to at order completion.

The parcels shall NOT be accepted if:
- they were sent without any notification from your account.
- they have the repayment amount mentioned on the transport label transport

- they have damaged package, lacking the original accessories, with parts that have already been assembled

The equivalent value of the products damaged during the transportation as a result of the improper packing for the case of the product return shall be borne by you.

ATTENTION !: For all claims and events where the return reason may be imputed to the provider (EUROESTCAR.RO) you must refer to the customer relationship department for the settlement of the issues.

At the same time, the claims referring to the discrepancies between the goods and the invoice shall be accepted only if they have been notified in writing, within maximum 24 hours after the delivery.
Telephone number:   0733 000 883
"or e-mail:


Irrespective of the delivery method, the purchaser has the obligation to verify the existence of all acts related to the transaction; the missing of any of such acts may result in the impossibility to grant the warranty. The reception of the sold goods shall be made at the purchaser’s office. The purchaser undertakes to receive the ordered and delivered goods.

By exception, the return of the delivered goods is accepted if the seller delivered wrongly or for the case when the goods are under warranty, by rigorous observance of the warranty provisions.

The payment for the transport of the sent goods (delivery-return) in order to settle the warranty shall be divided as follows: from the customer to S.C. Euroest Car S.R.L. S.C. Euroest Car S.R.L. – the payment shall be made by the customer; from S.C. Euroest Car S.R.L. to the customer – the payment shall be borne by the seller.

The warranty conditions are integral part of the sale-purchase documents – by signing the fiscal invoice or by placing an online order, the beneficiary declares that he/she has taken note of the provisions of these documents.

The warranty shall cover at most the entire value of the reported product.


The potential situations that may occur after the sale that will be dealt with by the Customer Relations Department are the following:
- incompletely or incorrectly delivered orders
- late deliveries
- damaged products (the parcels presenting damages must be reported within maximum 24 hours after having received the parcels)


We shall not be liable for: any kind of prejudice (direct, indirect, accidental or not) resulting from the use or incapacity to use the information presented on the site and any type of content errors or omissions that may lead to any kind of losses.

The information
on the site may be duplicated by printing only for personal use.

The information may not be duplicated, distributed or transmitted to another person or included in any kind of document or material without the prior consent in writing of its authors.


Any litigation occurring between the Users and EUROESTCAR.RO shall be settled amicably. If the amicable settlement of the conflict has failed, the conflict shall be referred to the Romanian competent courts of law with jurisdiction at the headquarters of SC EUROESTCAR SRL .


For the promotional activities targeting your orders, we shall establish regulations for the promotions and competitions organized by us, which will present in details both the participation rules and the specific nature of each promotional activity. These regulations are notified to the potential participants only by means of our own site. Only the orders observing exactly the rules displayed on the site shall be subject to promotions. Moreover, the promotions shall only be applied to the orders registered by the company during the term when the promotion is valid and only within the limits of the available stock.

During a discount campaign,   THE DISCOUNTS SHALL NOT ADD UP , the highest discount shall apply.

The products coming from orders for which purchase vouchers generated by a marketing campaign were used shall not be the object of the return process.

At anytime, SC EUROEST CAR SRL may cancel, modify or postpone a promotional activity, but with the prior notification of this measure on its site.


The information contained in this site is general and has been input in good faith. The company does not guarantee that the information contained in this site is complete or accurate, and it shall not be considered relevant for certain situations.

No information contained in this site represents a recommendation for investment in the Company or in any other national and/or international company.
Neither the Company, nor its employees or their family members will be held liable for any loss, damage, or expense (including, without limitation, any indirect, incidental or consequential loss of profit) which may derive from the access or use of the present site. 
The Company reserves its right to make changes or corrections of the present site, whenever it desires and without any prior notification.         


*READ CAREFULLY* You acknowledge and agree to use the Site at your own risk. The service is provided “as is” and "in available form" and at the maximum extent permitted by the law. The Company shall not expressly recognize any implicit or explicit warranty concerning the Site and the use by you of such Site, including, without being limited to the implicit warranties of merchantability, fitness for a certain purpose, accuracy and non-violation of copyrights. The Company shall make no representation or guarantees concerning the accuracy or completeness of the Content made available through the Site, and does not assume any liability for any product or service provided by a third party or advertised or of any website connected to it or presented on any banner or advertising material, and Company shall not be part of, nor shall it be responsible in any way for the monitoring of any transaction between you and third party providers of products and services. As for the purchase of a product or service by any means and in any media, you must use your best judgement and you must show attention where the case. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you from the Company or by means of the Site shall not create any warranty that is not expressly specified in the present Statement regarding the terms for service provision.


* READ CAREFULLY * * You acknowledge and agree that the Company shall not be liable towards you for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages, including, without limitation, any damage for the loss of profit, customers, use, data, or other material losses, deriving from: (a) use or incapacity to use the Site; (b) statement or conduct of any third party regarding the Site; (c) inaccuracies, mistakes or errors of content; (d) personal injury or property damage, irrespective of their nature, arising from the access and use of the Site by you; (e) any program fault, viruses, “Trojan horses“ or similar entities, which can be transferred to the Site or through the Site by a third party (f) any other matter related to the Site, whether based on warranty, contract, prejudice or any other legal theory.  


You agree that, at your own expense, you should indemnify the Company, its employees, agents and representatives against any claim, presumptive claim, criminal prosecution, legal actions or administrative procedures that derive from or are related to the use of the Site or the access to it, respectively deriving from or related to the breach by you of the present Statement.


Failure by any party to exert or to execute any right or provision of the statement regarding the service provision terms shall not represent a waiver of such right or provision. If any of the provisions of the statement regarding the service provision, including the Statement of disclaimer of warranty or Limitation of liability, is declared to be ungrounded, unenforceable or null by a court of law, the parties however agree that the court should make any efforts in order to put into effect the intentions of the parties, as reflected in the concerned provision, while the other provisions of the statement shall remain valid and in force.


This statement concerning the service provision conditions shall be governed and construed according to the Romanian laws, without taking into consideration the conflict between the legal provisions. Any action brought by you against the Company under the present Statement shall be exclusively referred to the courts of law from Romania, while any action brought by the Company against you under the present Statement shall be referred, as the Company disposes, to the Romanian courts of law competent at Company headquarters or to the law courts with jurisdiction at your domicile. You and the Company thus agree and irrevocably conform yourselves to the personal jurisdiction and location of such courts of law.

If you have any comments or requests concerning the present Statement or Service, please contact the Company by letter sent to the address of the company.
By accessing and using this Site, you confirm that you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.
The use of the Site by you shall imply your unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you disagree to these terms and conditions, please stop navigating this Site.. 


Whenever you access the Site, you declare that you agree to use this service only for legal purposes. More precisely, you undertake:

  • Not to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, publish, duplicate, license, create derivative products, transfer or sell any information or service obtained from or through this website;
  • Not to allow or to authorize any third party to use the Site in order to transmit or receive any material that goes against any law or legal provision in force, of obscene, threatening, aggressive, defamatory, racist, etc. nature;
  • Not to carry out and not to allow the carrying out of any cracking or hacking, "or any " (Denial of Service); the users violating the security of the Site, systems or networks of the servers where it is maintained may be taken civil and penal legal action against;
By accessing and using this Site you declare that you agree to exonerate the Company of any liability and not to bring an action against the Company for and against any claim raised by a third party, resulting from the use of the Site and of the Internet, as well as concerning any (direct, indirect, consequential or other) loss, cost, action, trial, claim, damage, prejudice, expense (including trial expenses) or any other liability, suffered in any way or directly or indirectly caused by the Company as a result of a break or ignorance by a visitor of these terms and conditions.

In order to exert the above mentioned rights, you may request this thing from the Company, by means of a request in writing, dated and signed, to the address: Str. Caminului,   Nr. 82, Comuna Glina, Sat Manolache. The Company shall be bound to notify you about the taken measures and, if the case, about the name of the third party that your personal data were disclosed to, within 15 days after the receipt of the request.

Guidelines for the parts rejected for replacement

If the rack of the steering gear box has signs of rust, a 15% fee of the warranty value shall be charged for reconditioning.

Some spare parts have a warranty value. At delivery of the part, the new part and the warranty value shall be invoiced together.

Other return conditions: the replaced part shall be clean, without any traces of oil, it should only have normal operational wear, without any sign of hitting and no subassembly should be missing; it should be packed in the original package that the new part was delivered into, with the provider code on the box. The replaced part shall be sent back within maximum 4 business days and after the verification of the part integrity, the warranty value shall be cancelled. If any of the above return conditions is not met, the warranty value shall remain invoiced and shall not be cancelled.

ATTENTION! There is a possibility that the part should be reconditioned by the manufacturer, the same warranty and quality being offered.

Parts that may belong to the above category: steering gear boxes, power steering pumps, electro-motors, alternators, callipers, planetary gears, other parts.

Vă rugam sa ne contactati pentru mai multe detalii.



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C.I.F.: RO 19068805
Headquarters: Bucuresti, Bd Chisinau 16, Bl M7, Sc B, Ap 60, sector 2

shall only be used for the purpose that it was input for (for placing orders), according to the laws in force.
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